Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Flower Beds Will Have to Wait

Okay, here I go. My first blog.

I've been searching for a local writer's group and have come up with zilch. Where are all the struggling novelist in Mississippi? One group, I was able to locate, was further down south near the Gulf. I don't think it'd be wise of me to go for a once a month Tuesday luncheon. That's quite a drive. Others don't have a website or much on the website that they do have. It can be rather frustrating trying to get some feedback.

From research on the internet, most of what I'm getting is the Catch-22. You have to have an agent to get published and to get an agent you have to be a published author. (Insert head tilt here.) So it seems, no matter how much sweat you pour out onto the keypad of your laptop while your eyes feel like daggers have been poked into them from the eye strain of working and polishing your manuscript, day in and day out for over two years, it may have been time better spent weeding your flower beds that have been neglected. My flower bed needs mowing.

I try to wake up every morning with a positive outlook. As long as I'm not looking out my window at my flower bed. A pot of coffee and back at it. I've written the darn thing in first person and third person... just in case. I've sent it to several agents and have had one reply. Yes, the old form letter, not for us.

I've tried mental telepathy. Desperate times means taking desperate measures. I've stared at the agents photos on their website at least once a week and try to convince them what a good novel it is. Maybe there is too much aluminum in the building material at their location. Whatever, it doesn't seem to be working.

I'm curious as to what literary agents really do all day. With the Catch-22 thing, it makes me wonder, if just maybe, they spend their days trying to steal established authors from other agents.

I think my manuscript is a good story and I'm very critical of my writing as well as my artwork. I'm my worst critic. I'm critical of the books I read and get frustrated trying to find a good read. You buy a novel and it's really good, so you purchase another novel by that same author and it's a huge disappointment. Seems like they are in a big hurry to sell another and add filler that you end up skipping over. Gotta get that 100,000 word count in. Filler reminds me of minced fish in fish sticks. I actually threw a book across the room after reading three pages. I won't meantion the fairly well known author here, but geez lady, how did you get into the business? I've been known to kiss some ass when needed, but after reading that mess, I'd say a tad more than ass kissing was involved. And it's a shame. Really! What? Are you going to return the book to the store and get your money back? To me, there should be a standard a writer must uphold to all of his or her readers. A high standard. After all, if it weren't for their loyal fans, they'd be history.

It's not all about money. It's not all about fame. That's just the perks. For me, it's really all about someone enjoying my story. I love to make people laugh and cry with a story. I want to touch a heart and encourage the soul. I want to take them away from their weary day, their worries, and travel to another place. A place with characters that are real and dreams do come true.

Am I going to give up? No. It's been a life long dream of mine since I was a youngster. I was telling stories when I starting talking. Got into a lot of trouble weaving those tales. I didn't have books to read when I was very young and didn't have anyone reading to me, but I told myself bedtime stories. And when I was school age, I read a lot. And then I started writing. Married with children put my personal dream on hold. No regrets mind you. My kids are all grown with little ones of their own and now, it's Mom's turn.

The flower beds will have to wait.