Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Valley

At first, I was skeptical about putting my novel on Amazon.com, but I've sold several and have had some good reviews. The reviews are from people I don't know.  My friends are still reading my novel and I'm waiting for their feedback.
Happy Valley A Southern Country Novel is the first in the series. The story is mainly based in Northwest Mississippi.  Happy Valley is a mystery with humor.
"Jo Preston could write a book on survival. Her titles could be: How to Survive Five Years in a Mental Institution, How to Cheat Death, How to Overcome Heartbreak and Rejection, How to Live With Crazy Relatives, or How to Run From a Serial Killer. Yes, she could write a book... if she survives all of the above."


If you read my novel, please leave a review at Amazon.com.  Thanks!

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Now that I've told you about my novel, let me tell you about where I live.  Although I was born and raised in Oklahoma, I've lived in this area of Mississippi since 1979.  My husband and I moved to the country in 2006.  Being raised a farm girl, I was long over-do and ready for the move.
A sign over our driveway reads, "God's Country" and it is a taste of heaven on earth.  I love having my morning coffee on the patio.  I'm never alone.  Many mornings, deer walk between our yard and the woods that surround our home.  Casey, our Jack Russell Terrier, is more interested in the squirrels and lizards though.  We have chickens, which is more of a hobby as most are pets.  However, fresh eggs are good.  We keep a bird feeder in view of our kitchen window as well as hummingbird feeders.  I love watching the blue buntings and have managed to get a few photos of the skittish little creatures.  We have a creek down below our home and when we get a good rain, you can hear the rushing water.  At night, the whippoorwill sing, tree frogs croak, and crickets chirp.  We are so far away from the city that the night skies are lit up with stars, like diamonds on black velvet.  I remember the first few nights after we moved in.  I couldn't sleep because it was so quiet. Now, sleep is wonderful.
Life is good here out in this neck of the woods.  I wouldn't have it any other way.